At Mahila, we have 360° approach towards every problem

Though there are several cancers that are afflicting human beings, those which especially attack women and kill around 1,50,000 women in India every year are curable if detected early. We need a multi-pronged dedicated approach to prevent these deaths.

We have identified a few basic problems that women have in taking medical help:

Privacy and comfort.

Women always find comfortable to speak to other women when it comes to reproductive health. Mahila centers will have only women doctors examining & advising. In fact, every staff at Mahila will be only a women. We have created a warm comfortable place for women to relax and meet a doctor.

Complexity of procedure, Pain and fear of radiation.

We use cutting edge latest technology where no X-Rays will be used for imaging. In fact, the breast examination will be done from a distance without any need for physical touch. The latest technology in thermal imaging and Artificial Intelligence-based analytics will provide more accurate data than existing techniques. Whenever it is necessary, we advise existing techniques for further screening.

HPV Vaccination

A large percentage of the population can be prevented from the affliction of Cancer by early vaccination using the HPV vaccine. There are two types of vaccines licensed in India. Mahila clinics will provide these vaccines at a highly discounted price compared with other medical centers.

Screening for BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes.

Some of those who have a family history of cancer can inherit the genes named BRCA (Breast Cancer Gene 1 & 2),which makes them more susceptible to breast cancer. We can facilitate genetic studies for women who have a family history.

Lack of awareness

With our social outreach program, our volunteers will spread the word and educate women about the Importance of prevention against regret in life. The curability of early diagnosis is the hallmark of this effort.

HPV infection diagnosis

It is well known that infection with HPV is a good reason to cause cancer. We will screen a population which is sexually active, for the presence of the HPV Virus. If found positive, more frequent periodic checks of such patients, maybe younger than routine can prevent cancer.

We wish to keep women healthy

We wish to screen every woman in the area for Breast Cancer and cervical cancer.

We will help women face menopause with grace, through preventive measures.

We will offer wide range of dental care services from implants to braces and regular care services.

We wish to counsel all adolescent girls on reproductive health, free of cost.

We use painless thermal imaging technology to look for breast Cancer.

We wish to work on mental health issues of women & help in stress management.

We will provide generics of reputed companies at very affordable prices, thus bring down cost of primary healthcare.

We will have integrative approach to solve issues like infertility and menstrual disorders.

We will stock and sell Ayurvedic, Allopathic medicines & healthcare products.