Who We Are

Mahila Healthcare Pvt Ltd. is a business with a social cause. The company operates  a chain of Mahila clinics with an integrated social outreach program for gyneac, skin care, general diseases & early cancer detection. Owned and operated by women doctors as one stop  primary healthcare solutions for women, the clinics provide trustworthy, integrated cutting edge therapy and prevention from both Ayurveda and western medicine. An Ayurvedic and an Allopathic doctor head the team of trained professionals. All clinics function as integral part of the community through an outreach health and wellness program of prevention especially for early cancer detection for women. In Mahila all doctors are women, all employees are women and all clients are women.


Founder Save A Mother

Dr. Shiban Ganju
Founder Of Save A Mother Foundation

Dr-Hrishikesh-Damle Atrimed CEO

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle
Founder & CEO Of Atrimed Pharmaceuticals

Founder ZocDoc

Nick Ganju
Founder Of ZocDoc

Founder of Atrimed Biotech

Dr. Latha Damle
Founder of Atrimed Biotech
Chief Scientific Officer, Atrimed

Dr.Chandrakala N
Project Management Head
At Atrimed Pharmaceuticals

Shwetaank Pathak

Shwetaank Pathak
Sales Head
At Mahila By Atrimed

Founders bring in experience in healthcare, experience in social outreach programs and also experience in manufacturing healthcare products.

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals

Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D. We are a pioneer in developing medicines from plants using biotechnology. We work with small molecules. We have a unique method, which fastens, the ‘bench to IP’ for targets involved in various disease development. Our major focus is on skin care and pain management as far as in house research is concerned. But we also work as vendors of small molecules for collaborative research.

Save A Mother Foundation

Since 2008 Save a Mother (“SAM”) Foundation has developed an Effective Social Persuasion (SAM-ESP) model for health care support and behavior change for the poor in India. The SAM model has been proven in over 3200 villages & 2 urban slums in 10 districts representing approximately 6.2 million people in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. For less than 25 cents or 15 Rupees per capita per year, SAM has dramatically improved health outcomes in underserved rural areas.


Atrimed Biotech


Atrimed Biotech is a start-up, aimed at carrying out high quality research and developmental activities, that are reinforced by driven and qualified professional staff from diverse fields of science. It is fostered by a group of healthcare and research professionals, who have extensive experience in the field of phytochemistry and biotechnology. The founders are individuals who are actively involved in human healthcare and research and developmental activities.


R&D Team

Anjana Batni
Moleculer Biology, Immunology


Dr. Bharath B R
HeadComputational Biology

Poornima Venkatesh

Subrahmanya C G Junior Scientist Atrimed Biotech

Subrahmanya C G

Prithviraj Jayakumar

Tirumalesh Shetty
Synthetic Chemist

Shyamala P Junior Scientist

Shyamala P
Organic Chemist

Prathika Bavaloor
Human Genetics