Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We look for the following attributes:

   i. Desire to be an entrepreneur, personal integrity and passion to succeed.

   ii. Team player to make the brand grow.

   iii. Ability to be a hands on owner and preferably the clinic operator (Pharmacist, Doctor, Investor).

   iv. Ability to invest 15 to 40 lakhs

a. We will appoint only one franchisee covering 3 km radius. However in high potential areas (HPA) it can be one km only.

b. A franchisee will serve a population of 1 to 3 lakhs.

c. No immunity will be given to doctor only clinic

a. Yes,Mahila HQ will help in recruiting doctors, pharmacists, consultant specialists, referral labs, radiology, and other ancillary services.

b. To maintain communications with the HQ, one employee of the clinic will work directly with the Mahila HQ on contract. The franchisee will pay the salary of this employee. Such an employee will be either a doctor or a pharmacist or an accountant. The employee will receive periodic refresher training from the HQ regularly. He can be transferred if Mahila HQ deems necessary. When one resigns, a subsequent person will be readily available.

All franchise owners and employees will receive intensive initial training from the master trainers appointed by the HQ. This will be followed by periodic refresher training of some or all employees. Subsequent training could be through e-learning.

 The parent company Mahila will provide the following to the franchisees:

  i. Clinic design and help in construction, layout and initial set up conforming to a uniform national design.

  ii. Help in recruiting all employees.

  iii. Initial and refresher training.

  iv. Standard operating procedures and clinical guidelines. (HER).

  v. Products for the pharmacy and the health store

  vi. Continuous quality improvement.

  vii. Local and national marketing.

  viii. Bring in cutting edge tech as and when they are available in the market.

   ix. Billing, accounting & GST filing training.

    x. Help in all Statutory requirements (Registrations with Pharmacy council, KPME etc)

a. The parent company Mahila by Atrimed will provide local/regional and national marketing as follows:

   i. Local marketing: Mahila HQ will organize community outreach and training programs in association with a healthcare NGO named – Save A Mother.

   ii. Regional and national marketing will be done through social media, print media and the TV.

   iii. Repeated PR activities will keep the news buzzing.

b. Atrimed will connect MAHILA doctors with efficient and popular doctors for referral services.

c. Atrimed will connect to Obstetricians and try to reduce caesareans.

d. Atrimed will promote mutual reference between different specialties.

e. Atrimed will conduct quality audit through online and offline systems and maintain uniformity across the country.

f. Atrimed will provide the second opinion and help in diagnosis, investigations and treatment.

a. The promoters of the company have a vast healthcare experience spanning over five decades individually and a combined cumulative experience of over 150 years in multiple countries.

b. Atrimed group which includes pharmaceuticals, biotech and plant science are selling unique proprietary branded products in 40 countries. We will have many products available through Mahila stores only.

c. Atrimed group operates five labs for drug improvement and discovery. This back up places Mahila in a unique advantageous position for getting world-class products before they hit the general market.

d. Atrimed owns a library of over 408, 000 plant medicinal molecules, which is probably the largest in the world. Atrimed owns multiple patents. Mahila will have the first access to unique products developed by the parent company.

Well designed protocols have been put in place to ensure the quality across India .

Multiple approvals are required from various authorities to set up a clinic. These vary from state to state. The HQ will provide a list of the required permissions and will guide the franchisee in obtaining such permissions.

No. A franchisee can use products made by other companies. To ensure high quality, Atrimed will procure such products in bulk and supply them at a lower price than an individual franchisee can get on his own. Franchise can not sell anything which is not procured from Atrimed.

It is easier for a franchisee from a medical background to be an owner / operator of the clinic. The franchisee can be a doctor or a pharmacist. In special circumstances the parent company will consider a franchisee without a medical background, provided he/ she operates the clinic hands on and has prior relevant experience.

The parent company has an understanding with a bank to give preferential treatment to Mahila clinic owners and to facilitate the loan process. The final details of agreement will be negotiated by the franchisee. KSFC has programs for women entrepreneurs as well. The loan would largely depend on income and credit history of franchisee

Please fill the following form or email us at After we receive your email, we will get back to you within 72 Hours.

    Mahila offers three franchisee models:

          i. Clinic with doctor, specialist consultants, services, pharmacy and a healthcare products store for women. Cost:30 to 50 L.

          ii. Pharmacy alone: 15-25 L.

          iii. Doctor alone: 3 -5 L

    Yes, we have understanding with financiers.

    a. There are no initial fees to be a franchisee.

    b. Subsequently, Model 1 & 2 franchisee will give INR 20,000 per month for community outreach programs, local marketing, national marketing, brand PR & annual training.

    c. Doctor alone model will give us a business of 50,000 per month and training and community outreach fee of 3000 per month.

    35% to 65% PBT on investment

    There are exclusive private places meant only for women. However, a concerned & caring man is allowed to accompany a woman. We have separate place for them. Men can get treated as well.