At Mahila clinicswomen can meet doctors,  dentists or specialist– all in a single visit. 

Skin Care

Skin care is one of the largest growing healthcare segment in India. Atrimed has done extensive research in therapeutic skin care in diseases like Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema, Wound Healing & Hyperpigmentation. All these breakthrough products are available at Mahila clinics, much earlier than they reach other doctors. Some skincare procedures like Laser and Light therapy for unwanted hair, Cautery for skin tags will be available at these centers.


Attention is paid to women specific illnesses: menstrual disorders, infections, infertility, menarche and menopausal health. Referral to a specialist in gynecology is readily available. Gynecologist advises on contraception including IUD insertion and cancer detection by Pap smear.


An Integrated approach to treat Infertility is in place with defined protocols to diagnose the cause of infertility. An integrative approach to treating infertility is taken as there are several success stories in treating infertility through alternate medicine.The infertility treatment clinics run on special days of the week since both men and women have to visit the doctor.

Cancer Prevention

Every 3.5 hours one woman dies of cervical or breast cancer. Early diagnosis can cure these cancers. If a woman gets screened for cervical cancer and breast cancer once in 2 years, the mortality due to these cancers in her can be reduced to negligible levels.We have collaborated with researchers in early detection of cancer. These cutting edge technologies are user-friendly and affordable and will be available in all Mahila clinics across India. We offer to screen for these two cancers at a fraction of the prevailing market price.


Mahila clinics offer wide range of services from implants to braces apart from regular care like dental carries. Preventive dentistry will be promoted among younger patients.An integrated approach to dentistry can lead to better outcomes. Mahila clinics wish to provide dental screening as a routine for all walking in patient.


Mahila Clinic will offer exclusive therapy sessions by certified Reflexologists. These therapies will complement other ongoing treatments for stress management or other conditions.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Advanced and accurate diagnostic services comprising Clinical pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology will be available at the clinic.

Stress Management

Stress a hidden disease of women goes unrecognized often. A pleasant doctor experienced in counseling can bring considerable relief. Qualified psychologist will provide help for different conditions like post partum depression, anxiety, marital incompatibility, adolescence issues like changes due to growth and fear of examinations.

Bone & Joint

Osteoporosis (Thinning of bones) due to lack of mobility is common among women. This can be prevented to a large extent by regular exercise and Yoga- asana. Proper nutrition and timely intervention during menopause can curtail morbidity due to bone degeneration. Mahila clinics specialize in all aspects of preventive health of bones and joints.


Adolescent Education

Girls enter adolescence and teen age years without enough knowledge about the changes in their bodies. Girls, at the onset of puberty, should receive education about reproductive health, pregnancy and contraception. At Mahila clinics, we dedicate time to offer free counseling sessions for youngsters.

Diabetes, Weight Management

The doctors at Mahila clinics receive training continuously to upgrade their knowledge on latest techniques of weight management and preventing diabetes. Weight management is be a long term commitment for through middle and old age. Mahila clinics offers several tools to manage weight, prevent diabetes and its complications.

Ayurveda & Pain Management

Ayurveda can prevent and bring relief to many chronic diseases. like arthritis, asthma, allergies, Psoriasis and Eczema. Our Ayurveda specialists will have standardized protocols to treat such diseases. Ayurveda can also compliment modern medical treatment in some diseases.

General Medicine

Our doctors in each clinic treats common ailments with focus on preventive care and advice on diet and nutrition. The doctors give special emphasis to prevent chronic diseases, headache, stress and weight management.


Children up to the age of 12 can accompany their mothers for treatment. Mahila clinics have pediatricians available for Immunization, nutrition, acute and chronic disease management.




Mahila clinics carry cutting edge plant based remedies made by Atrimed, the pioneer researcher on plant molecules.  Mahila emphasizes prevention but uses pharmaceuticals only when essential. Mahila minimizes the use of harmful pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, especially for children.

Allopathic Medicine

Mahila medical store will supply all medicines available in the market. Most of the products will be readily available in the store. Mahila will have qualified pharmacists who will be knowledgeable to handle drugs of different kinds. They will give counseling sessions on the use special products like Insulin pump, Inhalers and other specialized products. Mahila stores will not sell any medicine without a prescription.

Low-Cost Generics

Several multinational companies manufacture low cost generics which are as good as the equivalent expensive brand. At Mahila clinics, we have chosen generics from the best companies, which can be bought at a reasonable price.

Food As Therapy

Atrimed is a pioneer in developing food supplements from plants, which work like medicines. The food supplements keep women healthy through their menstrual cycles, maintain their weight, keep the gut microbiome healthy and cure nutritional deficiencies. These will be available exclusively in Mahila stores, under the brand name of “Atrimed Plant Science”

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are needed to prevent malnutrition, which is common among urban as well as rural population. We stock nutritional supplements from Atrimed and also from other reputed companies.


Ayurvedic Products

Atrimed manufactures a wide range of Ayurvedic products for rhinitis, asthma, diabetes, psoriasis, acne, skin care , needs of women, children and many others used in general medicine. Atrimed also improves classical Ayurvedic products through special technology, which are also available in Mahila stores. We will constantly add new products in Mahila stores while others are already in the market.

Wellness Products And Devices

Atrimed will be supportive to startup developers, who usually do not get shelf space. All such safe, tested and effective wellness products and devices will be sold through Mahila stores. Mahila will emphasize products, which are vegan, natural, bio - friendly and organic.


Atrimed manufactures world class perfumes under the brand name Mahila. The allergen free perfumes are crafted by scientists and approved by testers with special senses.These are designed for that special, confident woman who aspires power.

Personal Care

Atrimed manufactures novel and designer products in personal care space. Keeping sustainability as the primary concern, Atrimed is striving to manufacture eco friendly products which have enhanced efficacy. Our Personal care products will come with premium ingredients at affordable prices. We wish to cater high end products to people of all walks of life.