Structure Of The Enterprise

Mahila clinics are franchisee owned clinics. Each Clinic will be owned and operated by a woman doctor or a pharmacist with equity interest in the clinic. A small number clinics may be owned by the parent company Atrimed or by external investors but in all cases the working doctor or the pharmacist has equity in the clinic.

Responsibility Of Atrimed


All medical, paramedical and non-medical staff will get repeated intensive training in the standard operating procedures to maintain uniformity of high standards of all clinics.                       


A Mahila clinic with doctors or a Mahila pharmacy will the only exclusive franchise in a geographical area and population. 



Mahila by Atrimed has a program and staff dedicated to continuous quality improvement. Patient’s experience and satisfaction is a significant component of this program. Patients are encouraged to rate their clinics.

Mahila by Atrimed will provide the following support free or at subsidized cost for the success of the clinic and minimize the risk to franchisee investment:

Products and supplies


Patient education tools


Clinical training & Clinical protocols

Compliance with regulations

Local, regional and national marketing

Promotional material for local marketing

Operating procedures for the clinic

Management training & HR services


Clinic design

Modular furniture

Value For The Franchisee

Mahila by Atrimed’ is the trade mark brand allotted to a few selected and trusted franchisees.  All franchisees and stakeholders follow common operating procedures to serve the customers with the highest quality.   This will ensure  success of each franchisee and uphold the brand value.   Mahila clinic will be profitable for the owner franchisee, as there is NO FRANCHISE FEES either initially or annually. The promoting company will participate in making each clinic financially viable in the shortest possible time.

Social Outreach Program

Mahila Clinic

Mahila by Atrimed has entered into an agreement with a successful healthcare NGO – ‘Save a Mother”. The NGO has worked with 6.2 million people in 3200 villages and urban slums in 10 districts of four different states. With a low cost intervention of INR 14 per capita per year, the NGO has been able to reduce maternal mortality by 90% and neonatal mortality for 60%.

They have developed an Effective Social Persuasion model for social behavior modification The NGO will use its field experience to motivate women in the community surrounding the clinic for early detection of cervical and breast cancer among women, thus generating intelleigent the community surrounding the clinic.

‘Mahila by Atrimed’ will fund the cancer detection program and the clinics will provide cancer detection services at a price much lower than the market.

This model of business with a social cause by ‘Mahila by Atrimed’ will  be a pioneer to change the healthcare delivery model.